State of Mind
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State of Mind

my state

of mind

is one of questioning

and wonder

is one of searching

between the fractures

of memories

and mirrors


what if scenarios

play hide and seek

in my mind

play already written

roles and dialogues

or even silent


to come


to be eventually

never found

in reality

in the script

of current pages

of what is

and simultaneously

will never be


when my mind

stops waiting and wishing

when I

stop looking for answers

in the dark

a new stage arrises

at the foreground

of my momentary moments


a natural state

of trees, birds and skies

not pretending to be

but are

what they do

bringing life

to the audience

of observers


one last time

I wonder;

if I look

will I know

when my eyes

are closed

or blinded

by the light